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Big-Game Hunt Tournament - 2016


2016 Hunt Rules



2016 Big Game Hunt Book

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2015 Adult Buck - 1st - Hunter Williams

2015 Adult Doe - 1st - Dean Effird

2015 Youth Buck - 1st - Mallory Sikes

2015 Youth Doe - 1st - AD McRae


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2016 Tournament Rules

  1. To participate in the 2016 Big-Game Hunt Tournament, hunters must register and pay their $35 entry fee by 6 p.m. on Monday, November 21, 2016. Late registrations will be taken only at the Anson County Chamber of Commerce office, 107-A East Wade Street, Wadesboro, up until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23, 2016.
  2. Any person receiving winnings in this Tournament of $600 or more will receive a 1099 MISC form. It’s the law.
  3. Official hunting dates and times: November 25 and 26, 2016, during legal hunting hours. Weigh-ins will be held at the Ansonville Volunteer Fire Department, U.S. 52-South, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on the days of the tournament.
  4. Hunters may hunt anywhere in Anson, Montgomery, Richmond, Stanly or Union counties where they have legal rights to hunt. The Anson County Chamber of Commerce does not provide property on which to hunt and accepts no responsibility for providing property on which to hunt. There will be no hunting allowed on the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge.
  5. No game will be taken in an illegal manner. All rules and regulations of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission apply to all hunters.
  6. All legal weapons may be used including but not limited to bow and arrow, compound bow and arrow, rifles of legal caliber, and shotguns. Snaring and bludgeoning are not permitted.
  7. Game must be weighed and scored on the same day it is taken. No carry-over game is allowed.
  8. No injection of any substance for the purpose of adding weight is allowed.
  9. No person may win more than one daily prize per tournament and one tournament grand prize per tournament.
  10. Deer must be field dressed (i.e, gutted, with all internal organs removed, and head and hooves still attached). (Note: reproductive organs, mammary glands may remain.)
  11. Each hunter will be required to sign a legally-binding statement swearing under oath that he/she killed the deer he/she is entering. Prize winners may be subject to additional verification at the discretion of the Anson County Chamber of Commerce.
  12. All hunters under the age of 16 must have completed and passed a Hunter Education Course prior to this hunt or be under the supervision of a licensed hunter. A Hunter Education Course number is required on the entry form.
  13. Any attempts to alter the weight or otherwise violate any tournament rules or North Carolina hunt regulations will mean permanent disqualification from the Big-Game Hunt Tournament. Deer will be inspected at the time of the official weigh-in.
  14. Youths ages 10-15 will be allowed to compete for cash prizes in a special Youth Division ($20 registration fee). Cash prizes will be distributed for first, second, third and fourth place. No daily prizes will be awarded in the Youth Division (unless announced by tournament officials). Deer taken by youths registered in the Youth Division will not be eligible for any daily or grand prizes in the Big-Game Hunt Tournament.
  15. Youths (ages 10-15) may register ($35 registration fee) for the Big-Game Hunt Tournament and will be eligible for daily and grand prizes, but will not be eligible to compete for Youth Division prize money.


For more information on the 2016 Big-Game Hunt Tournament, call the Anson County Chamber of Commerce at 704-694-4181.